Carrington Psychology offers a range of services for individual, personal, workplace and relationship problems. Our consultants are all registered psychologists and or mediators/family dispute resolution providers.


You don't need a referral, although a medical practitioner or legal adviser may have suggested Carrington Psychology to you.


Some private health funds cover psychological counselling. A first appointment will clarify the nature of your difficulty, provide you with some preliminary advice and strategies, and help you understand whether a series of counselling sessions will be able to help.


Meet our consultants.


Common Issues

  • relationship enhancement, decision-making and management
  • separation counselling for individuals, couples and children
  • family, stepfamily and personal problems
  • stress and anxiety management
  • mediation for workplace and partnership conflict
  • career and lifestyle counselling, life coaching
  • parenting after divorce counselling
  • grief and bereavement
  • self-esteem and confidence enhancement.


All enquiries welcomed in strictest confidence.  Please contact us and discuss appointment times which can usually be made within a day or so and urgent matters are always given special consideration..


If you choose to leave a message be assured your call will be returned without reference to the nature of your enquiry or our services.


Rebates may apply.  You must see a medical practitioner who can arrange a referral for psychological counselling.